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The title "Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation" awarded to Associate Professor of the Ishimbay branch


Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the honorary title "Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation" to Rif Sultanov, associate professor of the Ishimbay branch of USATU.

Sultanov Rif Gabdullovich - scientist, teacher. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor. Graduated from USPTU (1972), specialty - automation and electrification of mining operations, qualification - mining electrical engineer.

In 2006, he defended his thesis for the candidate of technical sciences on the topic "Development of technology and technical means for repairing small-diameter pipelines using flexible metal hoses."

Works at USATU since 2009: Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Automation of Industrial Processes and Production, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Technology of Mechanical Processing (IB USATU).

The main areas of work are diagnostics of pneumatic hydraulic systems, damage prevention, urgent, emergency repair of gas and oil pipelines, and incl. without removing oil from the repair area.

Author of 160 scientific papers, 2 monographs. He has the honorary title "Honored Oilman of the Republic of Bashkortostan", awarded the title of "Inventor of the USSR".


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