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The start of the second season of the All-Russian competition for students "Tvoy Kxod (Your Move)”


The competition “Tvoy Kxod” is an opportunity to attract the attention of employers during your student years, get a good opportunity for practice and employment, and find new friends and like-minded people, no matter the fondness of the participant.


In addition, the possibility:

- to design your development trajectory with the help of the experience of experts and teachers, as well as workshops and internships;

- get access to a simulator of useful skills, a "stage" to highlight your talents, a production center for the best students and a community of interesting and ambitious people;

- fix your growth for a future career and start upgrading your portfolio;

- test your abilities in practice and be realized in a professional way.


Applications for the competition were opened not only for university students, but also for the first time for 11th grade schoolchildren, final year students of educational institutions of secondary specialized education and teachers.

Tvoy Kxod in 2022 is divided into two areas - competitive and non-competitive.



⭐The track "I define" is suitable for those who do not yet have a project (or desire to implement it), but have ideas.

⭐The track “Creating” is about the opportunity to fulfill oneself through the creation and organization of activities for portfolio development.

⭐The track "I'm doing" - the creation of projects in 11 areas with a prize of 1 million.



⚡Self-actualization (questionnaires, tests, business games).

⚡Educational track (in 11 directions).

⚡ Internships.



January 25 - May 31 (register on the site)

January 25 - October 30 (we express opinions, transfer knowledge, pump the project)

November 1 - November 15 (summing up and waiting for the results)


Let's go: https://tvoyhod.online/


The organizers of the competition " Tvoy Kxod (Your Move)" are the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and ANO "Russia - the Land of Opportunities" with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

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