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The Prime Minister of the Republic became interested in the Formula Student car of USATU


Prime Minister Andrey Nazarov toured the exhibition "Energy of the Urals" at VDNKh-EXPO, in which our university traditionally takes an active part.

In the exposition of the USATU, the racing car of the Formula Student team attracted the special attention of the Prime Minister of the Government. Our guys told the distinguished visitor about the recent competitions in Moscow, where they took third place, as well as about their achievements in competitions in Russia and Europe.

The team members informed about the work on new promising projects - a racing car with a hybrid power plant and a hybrid snowmobile.

For the development of these student initiatives, additional funding and a track for training are needed, because the guys, under the guidance of their mentors, go to more complex cars and the most modern world technologies. This will make it possible to introduce modern technologies in our republic, and the Bashkir car will be able to be represented at both Russian and world competitions.

Andrei Nazarov gladly tried on the role of a pilot, sitting in a racing car, and assured that the Government of the Republic would support young researchers.

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