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"Student startup": eight winning projects from USATU


The results of the "Student Startup" competition of the federal project "Platform of University Technological Entrepreneurship" in 2022 have been summed up.

The selection was carried out in two stages. The first stage took place from February to April 2022, the results were announced in July. Then among the 620 best projects there are four developments of female students (!) of USATU.

The second stage took place in May - July 2022, the results were summed up in October - 380 projects were selected for signing contracts. There are three winners from USATU in this wave.

Salatov Nikolai - project "HYDRABOARD";

Kruglik Andrey - project "Intellectual chat-bot for persons with disabilities";

Pryagaev Vadim – project “Development of a high-temperature industrial 3D printer.

In general, thirty-two students from the republic, following the results of the second wave of the competition, became the owners of grants of 1 million rubles to launch a startup.

According to Sergey Polyakov, General Director of the Innovation Promotion Foundation, an additional list of applications has been compiled, which includes projects that received high marks from the jury, but were not included in the first thousand winners. Such startups are recommended for support next year from the federal budget of 2023, but in case of refusal to conclude an agreement, the winners of the second stage of the competition can be funded this year.

The list of projects recommended for funding in 2023 includes five developments by USATU students:

Ibatullin Marat - project "Platform for the development of virtual laboratories based on 3D / VR / AR technologies;

Melnikova Anna - project "Petrosorbent from sugar production waste";

Kharenko Artemy - project "Development of a radio communication module using packet data transmission technology for CubeSat nanosatellites";

Khuziev Ildar - project "Development of a machine for rotational friction welding;

Tsypaev Nikita  - project "Automated diagnostics of the aircraft fuselage surface".

More information on the website www.fasie.ru 

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