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Dilara Yapparova , a lecturer at the Department of Digital Technologies in Economics and Management of IEM, USATU , with the support of the Department of Project Initiatives of USATU, became a scholarship holder of the international Virtual Entrepreneurship Management Fellowship Program.

This program provides business management professionals with the opportunity to expand their network of professional contacts, collaborate with and learn from the world's best professionals from Russia and abroad, and gain practical experience in their field.

The Council for International Education, as part of a competitive selection of applicants from all over the country, selected only 16 applicants, including representatives of such institutions as Skolkovo, the Higher School of Economics, MTS and other large companies. Our teacher was also among the finalists applying for the eight-week Entrepreneurship Center (EC) certification program offered by the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA). Dilara Yapparova has been combining teaching at the Institute of Economics and Management of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University with private practice in the field of consulting for entrepreneurs for several years. She specializes in market research, development of marketing strategies and branding for local and federal Russian companies. Dilara applied for participation in the International Virtual Entrepreneurship Management Fellowship Program, to learn more about the work of startup studios and accelerators at leading advanced universities. The participation of our teacher in the program will allow USATU to learn from the experience of the best specialists in this field in order to prepare for the creation of its own startup studio or accelerator, as well as to more effectively develop project activities at USATU and commercialize projects under development.

After completing the certification program, Dilara will receive a certificate from the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA) and a unique opportunity to take a virtual internship at a host international organization and learn from the inside how startup studios and accelerators at universities work.

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