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The judo Championship of the Republic of Bashkortostan (male and female) under 23 years old was held in Ufa. Our wrestlers and the coach Nikolai Filippov - showed good results in the individual competition.

Fourth year FIR student Gleb Zavyalov became the winner among boys in the weight category up to 90 kg. The 2nd place was taken by the 3rd year student of FAEEIT Niatmedin Piriev, the 3rd place was taken by the 3rd year student of the FAEEIT Dinar Rizvanov (1st category) in the 81 kg weight category.

The student of the FIR Ekaterina Shchipunova (1st category) won the silver medal in the girls 57 kg weight category and the second-year student of the IATM Inna Nefedova (CMS) won the bronze.


Our athletes showed themselves excellently under the guidance of Coach Elena Khasanova at the Ufa Athletics Championship.


Running 60 meters among youths:

  • 1st place - Vladislav Gruzdev (6.77 sec.), FGS, 1st year .
  • 2nd place - Ayrat Ramazanov (7.02 sec.), FIR, 2nd year.
  • 3rd place - Vadim Pryagaev (7.25 sec.), IATM, 2nd year.


Running 60 meters among girls:

  • 3rd place - Svetlana Kulova, IATM, 4th year.


Running 400 meters (boys):

  • 1st place - Fanur Abdrashitov, FAEEIT, gr. SULA-109.
  • 3rd place - Matvey Boltnev, gr. PAD-116.


Running 800 meters (boys):

  • 1st place - V. Limov, FAEET, 3rd year.


Running 1500 meters (girls):

  • 2nd place - Diana Urmanshina, FCDEM.
  • 3rd place - Esina Alina, FAEET.



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