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“Sport and education are a winning combination” – says USATU student


The name of our athlete Alexandra Baiboldina has already appeared more than once in sports news reviews. A member of the Russian Archery team and the Bashkiria cross-country skiing team, she successfully competes in polyathlon, archery biathlon (where archery is used instead of a rifle) and athletics.

Today we asked a student of the Faculty of Avionics, Energy and Info communications to tell us about herself and how to successfully combine studies with sports.

“I started playing sports at school,” says Sasha. - At first, I ran only at the district level. In addition, when the first results appeared at the republican competitions, I was already directly “fired up” with sports.

I chose the University for Admission for a long time. I wanted the specialty to be for me, and I did not have to part with sports. She was more inclined towards technical specialties, but as an athlete, she was interested in biology and human anatomy. USATU found a compromise solution - the direction of "Biotechnical Systems and Technologies". Over time, I am more and more convinced of how interesting the specialty I have chosen.

I have practically no problems with my studies. I always have time for both classes and training. Persistence and focus on results - the qualities that sports develop, help me in my studies. Sometimes you have to ask for time off, hand over some items ahead of schedule, so that later you can safely leave for training camps or competitions. However, we have wonderful teachers and they always meet the needs of students.

This year I am finishing my bachelor's degree, I hope that with honors, and I am going to continue my studies in the master's program. The sports plans include preparation for the new season in order to show excellent results and fulfill the standard of the master of sports.

Well, after graduating from the university I plan to find a job in my specialty and continue my sports career.

We wish Sasha good luck!

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