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Scholarships from Gazprombank - to talented youngsters of USATU


At the Academic Council meeting in November, took place a ceremonial presentation of Gazprombank's scholarships to university students and postgraduates. One of the leading banks in the country has established scholarships for 60 thousand rubles (one-time payment) to five of our students who have distinguished themselves in educational and scientific activities.

Scholarship winners for the 2021-2022 academic year:

FIR postgraduate student Nikita Belevtsov, FSG student Emil Murtazin, student of the FCDEM S Alsu Fazylova, master's students of the FCDEM Sabina Valeeva and Aisylu Zainutdinova.

Rosa Urazgildeeva, the manager of the GPB (JSC) branch in Ufa, handed over certificates of the Gazprombank's scholarships to the students. She thanked the rector Sergei Novikov for the opportunity to present the document in a ceremonial atmosphere.

“For USATU, work with Gazprombank is one of the priority areas,” Rector Sergei Novikov thanked the management of the financial institution for their cooperation. - In addition to mutually beneficial cooperation, the bank makes a significant contribution to the material component of the university infrastructure, a good example of this is the overhauled hall of the Academic Council named after R.R. Mavlyutov, and now there is motivational support from our talented students.

- This year we have reviewed 20 application forms of applicants for scholarships and were impressed with their achievements. - Rosa Nazipovna noted in her speech. Almost each of them distinguished himself in certain scientific projects and developments, and many take an active part in the social and social life of the university. To be honest, the choice was not easy, but nevertheless, a specially created commission of Gazprombank came to a single decision, and we identified five scholarship holders.

I want to thank students for their diligence and perseverance in their studies. Special thanks to your teachers and academic supervisors who lead you to new achievements.

I congratulate the undergraduate and postgraduate fellows and I hope that this material support from Gazprombank will help you, young people with an active life position, to realize their intellectual, career and personal potential.

I am sure that further cooperation between the university and Gazprombank will form the basis of the good tradition of annually awarding personal scholarships of our bank to the best USATU students.

Interview with scholarship winners:

- Why did you choose USATU?

 Emil Murtazin: Because USATU is the largest and most advanced university in the republic with excellent faculties!

 Nikita Belevtsov: I chose the Aviation University on the recommendation of the teachers of the school No. 153, where I studied.

Alsu Fazylova: I chose the university because of the specialty I liked and on the recommendation of friends.


- How did Gazprombank experts choose you?

Emil Murtazin: I think, with good academic performance, I also received personal scholarships, I have good results at Olympiads of various levels: for example, in the semifinals of the World Championship in e-sports programming (at the same time the final of the Russian Championship), in international online competitions in computer security.

Nikita Belevtsov: I conduct research in the field of mathematical modeling. Among my achievements - publications in scientific journals of the first quartile of Web of Science, was also the owner of scholarships of the Government of the Russian Federation and the head of the Republic of Belarus.

Alsu Fazylova: The direction of my research activity is to ensure the fire safety of forests. In particular, I analyze forest fires based on long-term statistical data.


- Share your plans after graduation, would you choose a job in the banking sector?

Emil Murtazin: “There are plans to find an area that is comfortable for myself, perhaps it will be in the banking sector, for example, an analyst or an information security specialist.

Nikita Belevtsov: Today the most important goal for me is to defend my Ph.D. thesis. Then, who knows? You can try to work in the banking sector.

Alsu Fazylova: In the future, I want to work in my specialty, namely, in the field of fire safety.


 - What are your hobbies in your free time, do you have a hobby?

Emil Murtazin: I try to develop in many ways, solve Olympiad tasks, and listen to music.

Nikita Belevtsov: Fiction and historical literature, cinema, music.

Alsu Fazylova: I try to spend my free time with benefit. I usually read books, draw, watch educational videos, and have recently taken a great interest in making wax aroma sachets.

Scholarship holder Aisylu Zainutdinova was not present at the ceremony for personal reasons. The FCDEM master student, among the five representatives of the USATU, was included in the list of scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation sent to study abroad in the 2021-22 academic year, and is now studying in Italy.

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