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Saint Petersburg Electro technical University(LETI) & USATU: Mutual Interest and Prospects for Cooperation


Representatives of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University visited St. Petersburg State Electro technical University "LETI". The parties discussed the possibilities of implementing joint research projects and network educational programs.

The USATU delegation included Rector Sergey Novikov, Head of the Department of Electro mechanics, Director of the Research Institute "Electro technical Complexes and Systems" Vyacheslav Vavilov and Head of the Campus Development Department Ivan Tarasyuk.

From SPEU, Vice-Rector for Research Viktor Tupik, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development Petr Afonin, Vice-Rector for Additional Education Taras Kustov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Sergey Galunin, Head of Scientific and Educational Areas Mikhail Kupriyanov, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation Anastasia Skakun Denis Filatov, Head of the Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnology Department, and Boris Novikov, Director of the Technology Transfer Center attended the meeting.

During the negotiations, the participants discussed potential areas of interuniversity cooperation. Among them is the implementation of joint research projects and network educational programs in the areas of artificial intelligence, alternative energy, electrical engineering and chemistry.

“It is very pleasant to be in such a reputable university. We have many similar scientific topics and interesting proposals that we are ready to talk about and show. One of our tasks is to solve the problem of the outflow of young people to other regions, and we hope that network programs with the country's leading universities will help us keep the young generation at home,” said Sergey Novikov, rector of the USATU.

As a result of the negotiations, the parties agreed to prepare an agreement on long-term interuniversity cooperation.

“It is important for us to develop cooperation with the country's leading universities as part of the implementation of the Priority 2030 program. Both LETI and USATU are interested in attracting talented students, developing science and educational programs. It is important to support each other in this. We are interested in the exchange of experience and mutual promotion,” said Victor Tupik, Vice-Rector for Research at St. Petersburg Electro technical University.

During the visit, the USATU delegation got acquainted with the educational and scientific infrastructure of the Department of Automatic Control Systems. Anastasia Skakun, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation, and Denis Filatov, Head of the Electrical Engineering and Electro technology Department, conducted a tour of the laboratories of automated maritime transport systems, ship electrical power systems, industrial control and automation systems, mechatronic complexes of mobile objects, mobile airfield service units, microprocessor technology. The laboratories are equipped with unique equipment, in the design of which teachers and students of the department took part.

The visit of the USATU delegation ended with an inspection of the exhibits of the Memorial Museum-Apartment of A.S. Popov. Mikhail Partala, the scientific secretary of the museum, spoke about the life of the radio inventor and the first elected director of the ETI.


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