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The Russian forum "Import independence of the aircraft industry" at the Ufa State Aviation Technical University


On June 2-4, Ufa State Aviation Technical University will host the Russian Forum "Import Independence of Aircraft Industry".

 The event is planned to be attended by general designers and heads of enterprises of the United Engine Corporation, representatives of the International Association "Union of Aviation Engine Building", the Fund for Advanced Research, VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, Concern for Radioelectronic Technologies, the Central Institute of Aviation Motors, Aviation Corporation "Rubin", Rosstandart, Kamaz , airlines Aeroflot, UTair, Siberia, representatives of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Dual-Use Scientific and Industrial Clusters of the Board of the Military Industrial Complex of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation and other industrial enterprises, research institutions of the Russian aircraft industry.

 Today, new economic conditions, the search for import substitution opportunities dictate the need for a broad integration of the personnel, scientific and production potential of the domestic aircraft industry. The Government of the Russian Federation plans to adjust the strategies for the development of the aviation industry based on its own resources with the construction of a unique anticipatory policy for the development of technologies and technical means.

These and other issues related to the import independence of the domestic aircraft industry will be discussed at the venues of a major forum at USATU. The work of round tables is planned on the following topics: "Electrical complexes for aviation purposes", "Engines for combat and civil aviation," Repair technologies in the conditions of import substitution "," Digital technologies for aircraft construction "," Aviation radio electronics ", as well as a meeting of the technical committee for standardization TC 070 "Machines".

On the sidelines of the forum, topical problems of the development of domestic aviation electrical complexes, new ways of cooperation between industry and universities in the training of elite engineering personnel for industrial enterprises of the country, solving the problems of ensuring import independence in the field of repair and maintenance of foreign and domestic aircraft engines with foreign technologies, development of domestic information technologies, including science-intensive software and computer systems, the formation of a concept that allows high-quality and fast implementation of a technical breakthrough in the field of electronics production. One of the main tasks of the Russian-scale forum is to search for new solutions through cooperation between industry and the scientific and educational complex.


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