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In Russia, a vaccination campaign against influenza has begun


A feature of the current epidemic season will be the simultaneous circulation of influenza viruses and a new coronavirus infection, which increases the risks to public health.

For immunization of the population, vaccines are used that contain strains of influenza viruses that are relevant for the future epidemic season and recommended by the World Health Organization.

Influenza vaccination is the main and most effective way to prevent the disease. This year it is planned to cover at least 60% of the population with preventive vaccinations, and 75% in risk groups. The best time to get flu shots is from September to November. It is important that immunity after the influenza vaccination has had time to form before the start of the epidemic rise in the incidence.

IMPORTANT : you can get vaccinated at the university health center at the address: K. Marx 12, building 1, office 123 from 9:00 to 15:00. You must have a passport and SNILS with you.

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