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Rosneft announces the start of the IT Competition


Four hackathons, diverse tasks, new acquaintances, an impressive prize fund and the possibility of employment at the enterprises of the leader of the Russian oil industry. All this awaits the participants of the Rosneft IT Competition in 2022.

The first IT competition - a hackathon of the country's universities - will be held online from May 12 to 14 at RN-BashNIPIneft, Rosneft's corporate center for the development of high-tech software.

Students of Russian universities will have to conduct a correlation and cluster analysis of the provided data using Big Data and signal processing methods.

Registration on the site: https://events.rn.digital/hack. The team must consist of no more than 4 people. Information support for participants: hackstudent@bnipi.rosneft.ru.

The prize fund of the hackathon of the country's universities is 322,000 rubles.

The goal of the hackathon is to unleash the potential of students, increase the interest of young people in the IT field and the development of technologies, and attract highly qualified specialists to solve practical problems. Participation in the competition enhances the image of higher education institutions, allows students to prove themselves and get the opportunity to practice at Rosneft enterprises.

Organizers: RN-BashNIPIneft, TNNTs, SamaraNIPIneft, TomskNIPIneft, RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft, IGiRGI, VNIKTIneftekhimoborudovanie, NK Rosneft-NTC.

Partner universities: KFU, SPSU, NArFU, NI TPU, FEFU, SamSTU, SMTU, TIU, SFU, MIPT.

The Rosneft IT competition has been held for the fourth year. Traditionally, RN-BashNIPIneft is the organizer. Institute specialists develop practical tasks for students and experienced programmers that are relevant for the company and the entire oil and gas industry.

Participants need to be proficient in big data analysis, machine learning, robotization, know the Python and C/C++ programming languages, and have experience working with freely distributed software libraries. The most effective and non-standard solutions offered during the competition can be used in the production activities of Rosneft enterprises, and the most talented participants will receive job offers.

From August to November, RN-BashNIPIneft will hold three more IT competitions: two Rosneft Challenge hackathons and a hackathon for robotic programmers. Follow the news on the official website of the Marathon: https://events.rn.digital/hack.

The total prize fund of the Marathon of IT competitions is 2,662,000 rubles. The final will take place in November. Prizewinners and winners of the hackathon will present their solutions, and Rosneft representatives will make presentations on digitalization, innovation and advanced technologies.


Rosneft has been holding the IT Competition since 2019. In 2021, over 1,200 students and professionals took part in the hackathons.

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