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Representatives of KAMAZ PJSC visited USATU


A meeting was held at the university with a delegation of PJSC KAMAZ, which included Sergey Nazarenko, chief designer of innovative vehicles, and Marat Sadykov, chief designer for electric transport.

Rector Sergei Novikov, Vice-Rector for Innovation Georgy Ageev, Head of the Department of Electromechanics Vyacheslav Vavilov were present from the university.


“Together with colleagues, we discussed issues related to the development, research and creation of electric machines in the interests of KAMAZ PJSC. And also the organization of joint training of personnel for the formation of key competencies,” noted Vyacheslav Vavilov.


The guests made a sightseeing tour of the university, during which they were acquainted with the possibilities of the university in research and development activities.

The KAMAZ Group of Companies is the largest automobile corporation in the Russian Federation. One of the world's leading manufacturers of heavy trucks. Part of the Rostec State Corporation.

The unified production complex of KAMAZ PJSC covers the entire technological cycle of production of trucks - from the development, manufacture, assembly of vehicles and auto components to the sale of finished products and service support.

The process chain group includes several large automotive manufacturing plants. On the industrial site in Naberezhnye Chelny there are: a foundry and a forging plant, an engine plant (EP), a press and frame plant (PFP), an automobile plant (AutoP), a repair and tool plant (RTP), the Master Industrial Park. The largest of the subsidiaries outside the city: PJSC "NEFAZ" and PJSC "Tuymazinsky Concrete Mixer Plant" (Bashkortostan).

The group of organizations of KAMAZ PJSC unites over 100 companies in Russia, the CIS and far abroad.

The average number of personnel in the process chain group of KAMAZ PJSC is about 32 thousand people.


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