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Rector Sergey Novikov spoke at the plenary session of the Ural Economic Forum


The Ural State Economic University, together with the Free Economic Society of Russia, the Ural branch of the VEO of Russia, the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is hosting the IV Ural Economic Forum "Urals - the driver of neo-industrial and innovative development of Russia." The key theme of the event: "Transformation of the economy in the context of sanctions."

Among the participants of the meeting are representatives of science, business circles, public associations, state authorities and local self-government, heads of enterprises in the real sector of the economy.

The forum discusses the results of scientific research and best practices for the innovative development of Russian regions, as well as the prospects for their neo-industrial transformation in the context of the current global and Russian socio-economic agenda.

The speaker of the plenary session was the rector of USATU Sergey Novikov. The topic of his report was advanced engineering schools as drivers for the formation of Russia's technological leadership.

In his speech, the rector noted that the belt of student design bureaus of USATU includes 14 design bureaus. Under the interests of the advanced engineering school "Motors of the Future", three design bureaus were created at the university together with industrial partners: KAMAZ-USATU, VEGA-GAZ-USATU and UPPO-USATU.

SDB performs real R&D from partners for the development of control systems for aircraft power plants, power supply and power generation systems.

For research and development in the interests of business, the amount of funding attracted by the advanced engineering school, according to the agreements concluded (with the Federal Autonomous Institution "CIAM named after P.I. Baranov" and JSC "UZGA"), amounted to more than 61 million rubles. Taking into account the scientific topics introduced earlier in the NSP, the volume of R&D of the NSP exceeds 150 million rubles.

Further, the speaker emphasized that the victory in the federal competition for advanced engineering schools and the creation of the NSP "Motors of the Future" made it possible to create a structure at the university that will educate and train highly qualified specialists who meet the requirements of the university's industrial partners, form a team of international-class professionals to ensure global competitiveness of managerial, educational, scientific and innovative products of the engineering school, development of human capital and advanced training of engineering personnel. And also, importantly, to increase the level of wages for engineers in the region and thereby maintain highly qualified human resources in Bashkiria.

The rector drew attention to the fact that in the short time since an advanced engineering school was created at the university, a lot of work has already been done. For the direct training of specialists, the master's program "Electric Power and Electrical Engineering" was updated and transferred to the NIS, and a group of 33 students was recruited. In the future, it is planned to transfer under the "Motors of the Future" by updating the curricula of the specialty and bachelor's programs ("Special electromechanical systems" and "Electric power and electrical engineering"), as well as to create completely new areas of training. Students enrolled in “Technological Master’s” programs at the NSP “Motors of the Future” can receive grants for extracurricular practices and (or) internships, including in the format of working with mentors.

“An effective system of interaction with leading innovation centers is being built. In the process of learning, students gain work experience and competencies that allow them to understand the structure of a partner enterprise, their tasks and the culture of the company, products and advanced innovative solutions for the creation of highly efficient power plants, units and their systems for military and civil aviation in Russia, the characteristics of which exceed the world level.

Thus, we are indirectly forming a high-quality market of qualified, competitive personnel,” Sergey Novikov summed up his report.

The speech of the rector of USATU was received with great interest. President of the Ural Branch of the Free Economic Society of Russia, Rector of the USUE, Professor Yakov Silin praised the activities of USATU, calling it one of the strongest technical universities in the country.

“They have such a level of experience that our leading universities, research institutes and enterprises can envy them,” said Yakov Silin.


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