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Rector Sergei Novikov's wish on the Mother's Day


Today mothers of the whole planet are celebrating their "professional" holiday.

On this day, I want to express my sincere admiration and heartfelt gratitude to all women mothers, their high vocation - to give life, raise children, keep the warmth of the hearth, and strengthen family traditions.

At all times, maternal love, tenderness, affection and care serve as support and support on the path of life, help to cope with adversity, overcome difficulties and achieve success.

Bow to caring mothers with many children. I address special words of gratitude to women who share their warmth with foster children. Your love and unconditional acceptance help them grow happy, self-confident, protective and empowering.

With all my heart, I wish all mothers good health, joy, prosperity and many years of life! Let your children grow up happy, talented and loving, and your grandchildren give care and attention!


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