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Promising USATU scientists will go to Germany


The St. Petersburg Mining University hosted a ceremony of awarding grants to twenty graduate students and young employees of higher educational institutions who will go to Germany to further work on research projects. They earned this right in the course of a competitive selection held a month ago by specialists from the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and the Nedra University Consortium.

Among the grantees, there are three representatives of USATU - graduate student Rustem Nagimov, candidates of sciences Andrey Medvedev and Tagir Muslimov.

The initiator of the joint Russian-German program "Natural Resources - Energy - Sustainability" is the rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University, Vladimir Litvinenko. He noted that the experts, despite the difficulties associated with sanitary and epidemiological restrictions, managed to carry out high-quality selection. Moreover, to provide scholarships to truly promising scientists, whose research is very important for the sustainable development of the mineral resource complex both in Russia and around the world. Now the ball is on their side. After all, the answer to the question of whether young people will be able to self-actualize in an increasingly tough competition depends largely on themselves. Rather, from their diligence, desire to progress and constantly improve the level of their competencies.

The head of the Moscow branch of DAAD Andreas Höshen emphasized, “The first scholarship winners of the new program, created jointly with the consortium of universities “Nedra”, gathered in the conference hall of the Mining University. However "long way to go", as its popularity will surely grow. Even this year, the number of applicants who applied for participation in the project was very large.

“You become ambassadors for your culture and your homeland. Whether you like it or not, the attitude towards your country will be formed based on your words and actions. So by taking part in this program, you are making your small but very important contribution to the development of good-neighborly relations between our states,” said the mayor of Freiberg, Sven Kruger, addressing young Russian scientists.


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