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The project of USATU scientists won the regional competition of the Russian Science Foundation


The results of the competition for the provision of republican grants to support scientific research in priority areas of activity of the world-class Eurasian REC have been summed up In Bashkortostan.

The competition was held jointly with the Russian Science Foundation on the terms of parity funding from the Russian Science Foundation (50%) and Bashkortostan (50%). The amount of one RSF grant is from 4 to 7 million rubles annually.

At the meeting of the Grants Council of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the winners were determined, whose applications will be supported by grants from the republic and the federal fund of the Russian Science Foundation. Among them is a project of scientists from USATU, carried out under the guidance of the head of the department of mechanical engineering technology, acting. President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Kamil Ramazanov.

The theme of the project is “Development of scientific foundations for the technology of obtaining heat-resistant coatings based on MAX-phases Ti-Al-C and complex oxides of the Y-Al-O system for protection against high-temperature corrosion of intermetallic alloys”, the total amount of funding until 2024 will be 21 million rubles.

Evgeniy Parfyonov, Vice-Rector for Digitalization of USATU, Professor of the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering, member of the Council for Grants of the Republic of Bashkortostan, comments:

“Thanks to participation in the examination of projects of the joint competition of the Russian Science Foundation and the Republic of Bashkortostan, I saw how multifaceted science is in our republic, how different teams work in our Eurasian REC. I liked the projects in all four areas of the center's activities - from geological research to nanostructured coatings, from genetic research to electric aircraft. The level of all projects is very different, and depends on the field of science, but in all projects, the urgent need for our scientists to be at the forefront of knowledge and advance the science of our republic. I believe that we supported the most deserving projects, although many applications did not reach the passing scores by quite a bit. I think that next year the authors of the projects will take into account the feedback of the experts and significantly improve their applications. I wish fruitful implementation of the project to the scientists who won this difficult competition!”

Noted that 2510 applications were received from researchers from 42 regions of Russia to participate in regional competitions of the Russian Science Foundation. 31 regions participated in the competition of projects of small scientific groups, 39 regions participated in the competition of individual scientific groups.

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