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ProfVzlet: how to build a tower and increase the citation of publications


October 19 and 20 for the participants of "ProfVzlet" in USATU became very rich and informative. Two schools worked on the communication platform of the project: the “School of Leadership and Mentoring” and the “School of Academic Skills”.

On the first day, a certified business coach, coach Sultanova Oksana became a speaker of the trainings.

So, the training "Team building and the principles of successful teamwork." The participants of the event - students, graduate students, young scientists from different universities of Ufa - learned to overcome communication barriers and work in a single team with the help of the Tower business game.

At the training "Effective Communications and Overcoming Conlict Situations", the business coach told how to build successful communication, having examined in detail the blocks: the basics of constructive communications, how to build contact, conflict management.

The participants received a lot of useful information, learned how to agree on everything, learned how to work in a team, got acquainted with the principles of successful teamwork and the possibilities to overcome and avoid conflict situations.

The agenda for the next day of ProfVzlet was also rich and meaningful, especially for young scientists and graduate students. Experienced speakers - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Enikeev Nariman, Head of the Department of Intellectual Property of USATU Ruslan Khairetdinov, Ph.D. talked about the management of intellectual property; taught to formalize the rights to the results of intellectual activity.

"ProfVzlet" continues!

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The project is being implemented with grant support from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh).


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