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On October 28, 2022 at 13.30 , within the framework of the School for the Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship, Science and Industrial Tourism, a lecture-excursion “The History of the Soviet and Russian Aircraft Engine Building on the Example of UMPO Engines” will be held.

To design, build and build your own aircraft engines, you need to get acquainted with the history of their development. During the lecture-excursion you will visit the industrial workshop where gas turbine engines are created, helicopter components and gas pumping units are manufactured. You will get acquainted with the features of their use, as well as learn about the prospects for the development of the industry and the achievements of young professionals.

Speaker: popularizer of science, administrator of the public "Severe Technician" Sergey Vladimirovich Ivanov.

Venue: Museum of PJSC "UEC-UMPO" (Ufa, Selskaya Bogorodskaya st., 6/1).

To participate in the lecture-excursion, you must register.

Seats are limited ❗

Gathering of participants near checkpoint 1 (Ufa, Karl Marx str., 12 k.7) at 12.15. Departure of the bus from USATU will take place at 12.30. All participants must have an identity document with them.

The project is being implemented with grant support from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh).


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