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Professor of USATU entered the top of the Stanford list


Director of the Research Institute for Physics of Advanced Materials of the Ural State Aviation Technical University, Professor Ruslan Zufarovich Valiev entered the top 2 percent of the best scientists in the world according to the annual list of Stanford University for 2021.

Such a rating was published in 2019 for the first timeas an open database of leading scientists in their subject areas based on their ranking. Taking into account several citation indicators (total number of citations; Hirsch index; hm-index adjusted for co-authorship; number of citations of articles as one author, the number of citations of articles as one or the first author, etc.). The updated version of the database provides information on more than 100,000 scientists divided into 22 scientific areas and 176 sub-areas: https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.3000918

The list includes only 847 scientists from Russia. UGATU professor Ruslan Valiev occupies the highest position - 751st place. He has been publishing since 1976 and has authored over 900 articles to date. Ruslan Zufarovich Valiev is a well-known specialist in the field of physical and technical sciences and technology for obtaining bulk nanostructured metals and alloys for innovative applications, the number of citations of his works exceeds 44,000, the h-index is 95. One of the leading scientists in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies in Russia and abroad. Professor R.Z. Valiev gained international fame for pioneering developments in the field of nanostructured materials, and an article in the journal Progress in Materials Science devoted to the principles of Nano structuring of metals by the method of severe plastic deformation (SPD). Determined a whole trend in Russian and foreign science and is one of the three most cited journal publications.

Professor R.Z. Valiev has been the head of the SRI PAM UGATU from the day it was founded in 1995 to the present. Today it is one of the most famous research institutes in Russia and abroad in the field of materials science and metal physics. The number of publications of the institute staff is more than 60 articles annually (for example, in 2021 it is 51 publications in Q1 and Q2 level journals).

We congratulate Ruslan Zufarovich on his well-deserved recognition and wish him new scientific victories!

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