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Postgraduate students of USATU: about studies, science and prospects


Today our country celebrates Postgraduate Student's Day. We asked our young researchers why they chose the trajectory of scientific research for themselves.

Ruslan Urazbakhtin, postgraduate student of the Department of Electromechanics:

“Postgraduate study is a great opportunity for development and gaining new knowledge. The process of studying in graduate school is not only classical education. Under the guidance of scientists and professors, it is possible to carry out theoretical and applied scientific research, to conduct interesting developments. This allows you to learn how to solve independently complex engineering problems that are the challenges of the present. Studying in graduate school also opens up broad horizons for employment at the university with career opportunities.”


Ma Jiarui, postgraduate student of the Department of Aviation Thermal Engineering and Thermal Power Engineering:

“I chose USATU because you can get a good education here. I like Bashkiria, Ufa is a very beautiful city. After graduation, I will return to my homeland in China and will work in my specialty.”


Rustem Nagimov, postgraduate student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology:

“I think there are a lot of opportunities for graduate students right now. Every year the number of grants, competitions, and scholarships grows by several times, which can only motivate you to do science.

For me, as a graduate student, this year promises to be very productive. I won a DAAD scholarship to study in Germany and spend the next six months there. In addition, immediately after the internship, I plan to defend my PhD thesis. It is associated with the combined processing of metal-cutting tools.

I think that I was lucky to get into graduate school at USATU, where I can fully reveal my potential.”


Laysan Bakirova (Safargulova), postgraduate student of the Department of Telecommunication Systems:


“In my junior years, I worked as a counselor at a children's summer camp. Quests, trips, heart-to-heart conversations, when every child is ready to reveal their innermost secrets to you ... And I realized that I like to learn and teach.

Then I was fascinated by trade union activities, where I had to try on the role of a curator, trainer and mentor. I want to give people knowledge, share experience, conduct classes in such a way that they are interesting even to those who sit in the back of the classroom.

In my fourth year, I already knew for sure that I wanted to go to graduate school. In addition, I did not consider other departments, except for my own, because I like the specialty of a communications engineer. I learned a lot from my teachers and managed to make friends with them.

Now a new stage of my life begins, I work as an engineer in the research laboratory of applied bio-photonics. It is a great honor for me to participate in a large project led by leading scientists. Our team is engaged in research in the field of multimodal methods of medical diagnostics based on photonics. I am sure that I can make a worthy contribution to such a large-scale project.

Moreover, from February, I begin to conduct practices and laboratory work for students. I hope to become such a teacher, to whom graduates will come and talk about their further successes.”


Emil Khalilov, postgraduate student of the Department of Internal Combustion Engines:

“The department has historically formed an atmosphere of close interaction between a supervisor and a graduate student on the topic of research work, starting from the first year. Therefore, the dissertation work of a young scientist is always unique, interesting and of maximum benefit to society. My topic is devoted to the development of unique fuel equipment for use in piston aviation. Work on this topic has been carried out at the department for more than 20 years.

In addition to development on an individual research topic, postgraduate programs provide for teaching practice programs aimed at identifying new qualities, which contributes to development in the pedagogical plan. There are also many scholarship bonuses. All these factors played an important role in my choice.”

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