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Our students became finalists of the "Tvoy Khod (Your Move)" competition


In all federal districts of the country, the semi-finals of the All-Russian competition "Tvoy Khod (Your Move)" of the presidential platform "Russia - the country of opportunities" have come to the end. A total of 10,000 students took part in the competition. 1000 people from 76 regions of Russia made it to the final of the competition. At the end of November in Sochi, they will receive the awards of  the competition "Tvoy Khod (Your Move)".

"Tvoy Khod (Your Move)" is not a subject Olympiad, but a competition to develop skills that will be useful to young children in their adult life. This is not a testing system or determination of the best in the profession, but an assessment of the life position, interests of students, their social activity in their universities. This is a search for new talents in various fields, an ecosystem for active and caring young people. In its debut year, "Tvoy Khod (Your Move)" became one of the most massive projects of the platform.

The finalists included three USATU students: Marat Abdrakhmanov, Melania Yakovleva (both representatives of FIR) and Valeria Pisarkova (FGS).

 Melania Yakovleva (group IVT-224B) reports:

“The desire to participate in such a large-scale competition came to me a year ago, when my younger sisters took part in the first season of the competition for schoolchildren “Big Change”. Seeing their bright eyes and the inspiration that fills them after the face-to-face stages, I was really looking forward to and hoping that there would be an alternative competition for university students. In the spring, finally, it happened! Now students can also enjoy this superb atmosphere of the competition, complete interesting tasks, reveal their talents, show themselves, improve their skills, meet new interesting people, and make loyal friends.

Thanks to the "Tvoy Khod (Your Move)" competition, I was able to fulfill my much-awaited desire to travel more. I visited Chelyabinsk for the first time, soon I will go to my beloved Sochi, and I will also see St. Petersburg. I found many acquaintances and friends from all over Russia, received many positive emotions while communicating and completing the tasks of the semifinals with them. The main idea that I singled out for myself after the end of the face-to-face stage was that you should not be afraid to express your thoughts and ideas, because even if at first they seem delusional, in the future they may turn out to be brilliant.

I will go to the final with the knowledge that everything is being done only for the best. Even if I do not win, I will not get upset, but I will sincerely rejoice for my opponent. After all, the main prize of this competition is not a monetary equivalent, but self-development, a lot of emotions, visiting new places and making new acquaintances. "

In addition, here is what Valeria Pisarkova noted (group PMI-352):

 “The curator of our group told me about the competition. Then the first stage of the case championship was going on, and I decided to try myself in something new and take part.

Having solved the case from the Rosatom Company for the maximum score, I entered the top of the participants and later went to the semifinals. The semi-final stage, in contrast to the correspondence one, was aimed at flexible skills, not professional ones. Personal qualities were important: resistance to stress, the ability to work in conditions of uncertainty, sociability and much more.

At the semifinals, we worked in different teams, solved mini-projects. From this stage, it was possible to learn a lot, both in terms of acquaintances and in terms of knowledge. In general, "Tvoy Khod (Your Move)" provides tremendous opportunities for personal growth.

I have already chosen a track on which I will show myself in the final - a career development track. Therefore, I will go to the final with the new experience that this competition gave me, ideas, motivation to give my best and win. "

The final of the All-Russian student competition "Your Move" will be held on November 27-29 at the “Sirius” Park of Science and Art in Sochi. According to its results, 200 winners will be named, who will receive prizes for 1 million rubles. These funds can be used for training, launching a startup or improving housing conditions.

The most active participants of the competition will be invited for internships at the largest companies in Russia: MMC Norilsk Nickel, State Corporation Rosatom, JSC Russian Railways.


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