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During ten November days, schoolchildren from cities and towns located in the western regions of the Republic of Bashkortostan took part in career guidance activities of the Business School “Alternative” from Tuimazy.

USATU has become one of the most active participants in this large-scale project. "Alternative" conducted career guidance trainings within the framework of the "Job Fair" using the Zoom program.

The head of the department of vocational guidance of the USATU Sergey Li says:

- Audience coverage - over a thousand schoolchildren of grades 7-10 from the city of Oktyabrsky, Tuimazinsky, Sharansky, Bakalinsky and Buzdyaksky districts. In addition, video recordings of the meeting were sent to all educational institutions. I am sure that every schoolchild in the western regions of the republic now knows about the faculties and institutes of the USATU!

We showed a presentation about the university, provided detailed information about the university, the list of specialties, admission control figures for 2022, admission rules, entrance examinations, etc.

In addition, professional lecturers in an accessible form told the students about such concepts as vocational guidance, economic sectors, gave examples of specialties in demand today, and considered the formulations defining interests, measuring abilities, analyzing needs, relevance and modern appearance of the profession, life values. Psychologists organized vocational guidance tests and trainings.


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