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"Mutual exchange" on the official website of USUE


The website of the Ural State University of Economics published the news “Mutual Exchange” about the signing of a cooperation agreement between USUE and USATU. The rector of USUE Yakov Silin and the rector of UGATU Sergey Novikov put their signatures under the document.

Read the news and see the photo gallery here.

A solemn signing of a cooperation agreement between the Ural State University of Economics and the Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) took place at USUE. The ceremony was held within the framework of the meeting of ambassadors, consuls and student youth "Dialogue on equal terms" under the auspices of the XII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum.

USUE Rector Yakov Silin and USATU Rector Sergey Novikov solemnly signed a cooperation agreement, according to which USUE and USATU will jointly organize events dedicated to the professional orientation of students, develop and implement various programs, teaching aids, research and socially significant projects, as well as participate in their defense. The parties undertake to mutually exchange scientific publications and work experience of youth organizations at university organizations, as well as to send their employees for advanced training.

USUE Rector Yakov Silin opened the ceremony of signing a cooperation agreement as part of a meeting of ambassadors and consuls and active students not only of the Ural State University of Economics, but also of other Russian and foreign universities:

“Good afternoon, dear friends, participants of the XII Eurasian Economic Youth Forum! We are glad and proud of the fact that we are hosting representatives of world states and universities in Russia and abroad within the walls of USUE. Thank you for your courage and wisdom in the current political and economic situation. We are ready for all-round cooperation!”​


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