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In USATU, according to a good tradition, in the first half of September, a meeting of the university's social services employees with first-year students - students of preferential categories is held. These guys are especially in need of support, so they are given special attention by the administration and the trade union committee of students.

The students were greeted by the Head of the Department of Social Work (Assistant to the Rector for the Promotion of the Health of Students and Employees) Alsu Garafetdinova. She congratulated the first-year students at the beginning of the academic year and wished the children to truly open up, find their calling, become professionals, and spend their student years richly and brightly.

Irina Galimova, head of the department for socio-psychological support, spoke about the conditions created at USATU for successful learning, development, and the provision of social assistance to students. Children can contact the Department of Social Work at any time and they will certainly be helped.

In order for the socio-psychological adaptation at the university to be successful, one can count on the support of the university socio-psychological service. The psychologist of the department Alexandra Vedeneeva spoke about the forms of psychological support of the educational process at USATU.

Who can be trusted with your problems in the first place? Of course, the same student. Maxim Kirilov is a senior student and chairman of the social and legal commission of the trade union committee of students of the USATU. He spoke about the types of scholarships, financial assistance, as well as where you can go for advice and advise.

During the meeting, the first-year students received answers to all their questions.


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