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"Mechanics and Physics in Materials Technologies" from Professor Iskander Akhatov


On May 26 at 13.00, as part of the REC Lecture, we invite you to attend a lecture by Professor, Director of the Skoltech Center for Materials Technology Iskander Akhatov “Mechanics and Physics in Materials Technologies.

Let us talk about the fact that the creation of new materials and the development of technologies for their production are impossible without a deep understanding of mechanics and physics. None of the modern innovative achievements of scientists and engineers can do without this knowledge.

One of the important objects of research in mechanics and physics are disperse systems - such as aerosols, emulsions, suspensions, powders, etc.

The results of research in the field of disperse systems are successfully used in Russia and abroad to solve the problems of nuclear, oil, chemical and environmental engineering.

You will learn:

What applied and modern researchers are solving fundamental problems of hydrodynamics of disperse systems;

About the existing new concepts of design and production of materials;

How Skoltech creates new composite materials and functional coatings used to transport liquefied natural gas, dispose of radioactive waste, and even for the production of biomedical implants.

 We are waiting for you on May 26 at 13.00 in the 6th building of the USATU

 Please note: in order to attend the lecture in person, you must register before May 24 (in order to obtain a pass to the USATU).

There will also be an online broadcast.

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