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Let’s support USATU graduate student at Science Slam Eurasian


On December 15, in Tinkoff Hall will organize Science Slam Eurasian, jointly with the world-class Eurasian Scientific and Educational Center.

Six young scientists will clash in a battle for public attention. Rustem Nagimov, postgraduate student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Institute of Aviation Technologies and Materials, employee of the laboratory "Technologies of coatings and special properties of surfaces" represents USATU. He works with plasma hardening technologies and will explain in the presentation what the protective what is it all about.

“Ernest Rutherford argued that if a scientist cannot explain what he is doing to the cleaning lady who washes the floor in his laboratory, then he himself does not understand what he is doing. In my speech, I will tell in simple language about the fourth aggregate state - plasma, as well as its use to extend the service life of machine parts,”Rustem Nagimov comments.

Note that the peculiarity of the scientific stand-up Science Slam is that the winner is determined by the volume of applause from the audience in the hall using a conventional sound level meter.

Now do you understand how important it is to attend the event and support our contestant? Entrance is free; you only need to register at the link: nauchtalk.timepad.ru/event/1863236/.

Science Slam is a presentation of scientific research in the popular humorous stand-up format. Everything is quite simple: on the stage of a bar or club, young scientists talk about the main scientific ideas of our time and their own research. Each slammer has 10 minutes to convey his idea to the audience in the most accessible, fun and interesting way, and the audience chooses the best one with applause.



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