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“Kind airplane (Добрый самолет)” of USATU brings gifts to children


It would seem who needs a plastic cap from a juice or a water bottle after use? However, it turns out that tons of these covers can help a particular child purchase a wheelchair or expensive medication. Tons are made up of units, and each of us can contribute a piece to a greater good.

Activists of the USATU Green Project, headed by a second year student of FCDEM Kamilla Chuvashaeva, organized another project to collect plastic caps. Only this time, the participants received not only prizes and gifts, but also a pleasant surprise. All the collected recyclable materials were loaded into the art object "Kind Airplane of USATU", which was located next to the entrance to the 7th building. We now have our own stylish container for collecting lids.

Then the multi-colored recyclable materials will go to the plastic processing plant. In addition, after weighing, the company will transfer the funds that will be used to buy toys for the little patients of the oncological department. The social affairs section of the FIT student union is monitoring the process. Well, the Smart Environment Company will make durable benches out of the covers themselves.


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