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Ishimbay branch of USATU celebrates its 40th anniversary


Back in 1978, in the rapidly developing center of the machine-building industry in the south of Bashkiria, which was then the city of Ishimbay, the construction of a complex of machine-building enterprises of the USSR Ministry of Defense Industry began. A new large enterprise was added to the already existing machine-building and experimental plants - the Ishimbay Transport Machine-Building Plant (now Vityaz Machine-Building Company JSC).

The production under construction urgently needed competent and qualified personnel of various specialties. The most acute was the need for engineers-technologists of machine-building profile.

At the initiative of the first director of the plant, Vladimir Savelyev, the chairman of the city executive committee, Vladimir Polyakov, and the first secretary of the Ishimbay city committee of the CPSU, Miniyar Gaznanov, with the support of the rector of the Ufa Aviation Institute, Ryfat Mavlyutov, in September 1980, a department of the evening technological faculty of the UAI was opened in Ishimbay. Active work has begun on the creation of an educational and laboratory base.

In 1982, the department was transformed into the Ishimbay branch of the Ufa Aviation Institute, which became a breakthrough event in the life of the city and city-forming enterprises. The best graduates formed the backbone of the staff of the branch, their own candidates and doctors of sciences, departments and scientific directions appeared.

In 1998, a full-time form of education was opened in the branch. The opening of full-time education was an important milestone in the development of the city. Ishimbay youth got the opportunity to master technical specialties in their native city, and machine-building enterprises received young qualified specialists.

The year 2016 was marked by the opening of a department of secondary vocational education for in-demand professions in the region. After graduating from secondary vocational training, 80% of vocational school graduates continued their studies at the branch in order to receive higher education.

Over the years of its work, the branch has trained more than 3,000 engineers for the region's industrial enterprises. Graduates work in all corners of our vast country, as well as abroad. It is worth noting that many graduates remained in the republic, continuing to develop the machine-building industry and preserving the traditions instilled in their alma mater.

Currently, training in the branch takes place in full-time and part-time forms of education. 544 students receive higher education in the branch, and 111 students receive a secondary vocational education program.

Faithful to traditions, the branch continues cooperation with the leading enterprises of the republic, the administration of the city and the district for all 40 years, based on the principles of mutual trust, respect, transparency and full responsibility.

Being located on the territory of the special economic zone "Alga", the branch plays an important role in the economy of the southern part of Bashkortostan, which opens up broad prospects for further improvement. And this makes it possible to implement bright research projects aimed at developing breakthrough innovative products.

Today, the Ishimbay branch is a rapidly developing structural subdivision of the university, which has a strong teaching staff, modern teaching methods, and rich material and technical equipment. It hosts annual scientific and practical conferences and olympiads, quests, scientific and technical clubs, creative and sports associations for students.

The Ishimbay branch is a unique space that unites education, science and the social sphere of life, it is a friendly and close-knit team, high-quality faculty, inquisitive, active and hardworking students.

Forty years is only the beginning of the journey. There are still many victories, discoveries and achievements ahead!


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