IQ rules: USATU passed a quiz for applicants to the master's program


On the career guidance quiz “IQ rules. Matrix" for those entering the master's program in the field of "Materials Science and Technology" gathered three teams of participants: "Titanic", "Mafia", and  "Dragon's Roar".

Two hours in the battle for victory flew by unnoticed. Participants completed 9 rounds (51 tasks) with increasing difficulty, covering not only professional knowledge, but also erudition, horizons and hobbies.

 Students guessed the encrypted technological process, grouped materials according to various characteristics, and determined the names of metals, alloys, materials.

 It was raining outside the window, but the bright emotions of the participants and the organizing team. The winners received cash certificates. 

 The event was organized by the USATU Career Center, the Department of Materials Science and Physics of Metals and the Council of Young Scientists.



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