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Intellectual Property Issues Discussed at IEM Science Week


In the student space "Trajectory" as part of the Week of Science, an event was held dedicated to the International Day of Intellectual Property, which is celebrated on April 26. The Institute of Economics and Management, Educational Administration and the Department of Project Initiatives organized it.

Galina Lebedeva, the head of a separate subdivision of Gorodissky and Partners Law Firm LLC, patent attorney of the Russian Federation, spoke before the audience, among whom were students, young scientists and employees of the university. She spoke about the protection of a technical solution as an invention or utility model, noted the peculiarities of filing applications, and dwelled on the issue of conducting patent research before patenting.

Margarita Galimova, Associate Professor of the Department of Entrepreneurship Economics, held a master class on the use of Lean Startup tools for the commercialization of technologies.

The event ended with a lecture by Liliya Lukmanova, Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Development, on the topic “Economic Assessment of Intellectual Property”.

It should be noted that some participants first got acquainted with the concept of "intellectual property", its forms and the need for protection, while others deepened their knowledge in this area.

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