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Initiation "Workshop of young scientists" started at USATU


The rector Sergey Novikov welcomed the participants of the youth strategic session. He began his speech with great news, and not even one.

“Today, the university is making unprecedented decisions to support our young scientists,” Sergey Novikov addressed the participants. - Firstly, a young scientist who has completed his postgraduate studies and defended his Ph.D. thesis on time and his supervisor will each receive a bonus of 100,000 rubles, and those who defended their doctoral dissertation will receive 200,000 rubles.

Secondly, the university will cover the cost of postgraduate education on a commercial basis for 10-20 of our young professionals and applicants. And thirdly, the university is ready to compensate young scientists with a mortgage up to 50% of monthly fees.”

The rector urged young researchers to be more actively involved in grant activities, and asked them to make their proposals to stimulate labor.

It was on such an inspiring note that the intensive work "Workshop of young scientists" began. Within three days, lectures and master classes will be held in three main areas of university development: education, science and innovation. Among the participants are young teachers, scientists, graduate students and students.

We emphasize that the event is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of USATU and aims to identify young employees with an active life and professional position, interested in research activities, advanced educational process and implementation of innovative projects. Establishing horizontal links at the level of young employees; teaching "life hacks" of the profession; involvement of young workers in the development of modern methods in research, innovation and teaching activities.

The intensive is organized with the participation of internal and external experts in the field of teaching, conducting fundamental and applied research, promoting and commercializing developments.

The work will take place in groups under the guidance of trained moderators (mentors), accompanied by a presentation of the results of the group to experts and the development of solutions based on discussion and reflection.

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