GATU will pay 100 and 200 thousand rubles each to candidates and doctors of science who defended their thesis on time


In the spring of this year, at the intensive "Workshop of Young Scientists" Rector Sergei Novikov announced the adoption of unprecedented measures of material support for young scientists of the university. Moreover, today, the Academic Council of the university unanimously approved the "Regulations on payment to USATU employees for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations, as well as to supervisors and scientific consultants who prepared applicants for scientific reseach for defense."

So, what will our young scientists get?

100 thousand rubles will be paid to a university employee up to 39 years old when defending a candidate's dissertation on time;

200 thousand rubles - to a university employee when defending a doctoral dissertation.

The work of mentors will not be left without attention. A stimulating incentive in the amount of 100,000 rubles will also be given to the supervisor and scientific consultant of candidates and doctors of science who defended their thesis on time.

Note that a dissertation for the degree of candidate of sciences is considered to be defended on time if the defense took place during postgraduate studies or within one year from the date of completion of postgraduate studies.


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