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First-year economists went on an excursion to PJSC "UEC-UMPO"


“Week without turnstiles”, “Open doors day” at the enterprises of the Republic of Belarus is a serious direction of professional orientation of first-year students.

On October 17, students of the EB-152S group, studying in the specialty "Economic Security" of the Department of Electronic Economics, visited PJSC "UEC-UMPO" as part of the "Week without turnstiles" event.

The enthusiastic eyes of the students were burning with real interest and surprise during the tour in the Museum of the History of UMPO. A detailed acquaintance with the partner enterprise of USATU, known not only in Russia, but also abroad, is the future content of student practices, and, perhaps, employment as security economists.

The guys visited the assembly and testing workshops, where they got acquainted with the technology for assembling and testing aircraft engines.

The day turned out to be very rich in information necessary to improve competencies in the field of organizing production safety management.


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