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The first release of the USATU Supercomputer School


The university completed the advanced training program "The use of supercomputer technologies in professional activities" - the first event of the USATU Supercomputer School.

25 teachers and researchers of our university who have been trained on the tracks "Supercomputer Engineering" and "High Performance Data Analysis" have become graduates of the school.

A team of the Department of High-Performance Computing Technologies and Systems, Institute of Computer Research, USATU with the participation of specialists from leading international and domestic IT companies: NVIDIA, Intel, Huawei, Rittal, PLM URAL, SIGMA Technology, SRIAS, TESIS, RFNC -ARRIEP and RN-BashNIPIneft developed and implemented a unique advance training program.

The training, carried out entirely in the online format, included a rich lecture part, master classes on the use of the USATU supercomputer complex, as well as project work, because of which the students outlined their plans for the implementation of supercomputer technologies in educational work and scientific and innovative activities at 2022 year.

In total, 16 individual and group projects were presented for defense, developed at the departments of ICS, PSIE, CS&IS, HCTS, ICE, WCAT, SM, TS, TC, ELI, EM, as well as in the youth laboratory "Metals and alloys under extreme influences", which received high result.


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