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Final stage of the intensive course “From Idea to Prototype” in Moscow


Moscow hosted the finals of the project-educational intensive "From Idea to Prototype" for the teams-finalists of the VIII launch. More than 6,000 students from more than 80 universities from all over Russia took part in the intensive. From March to June, participants developed their own prototype, worked on cases from business partners, and went through an individual educational trajectory.

The technological team of the Department of Automated Control Systems with the theme of the project "User Technical Support System", representing USATU, won the spring wave and took part in the final demonstration.

For the past three months, students Diana Abizgildina, Denis Gambarov, Alexander Iutin, Elza Latypova, Vladislav Martynov and their mentor Nikita Kononov have traveled a difficult and interesting path from an idea to a working prototype of an information system, which was evaluated by "University 2035" experts.

Team members note that the project gave them the feeling that everything is in their hands, and if you burn with your idea, it can be implemented, especially when you are surrounded by a close-knit team, mentor and experts who are ready to answer any questions.


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