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E-sports as a powerful social and scientific tool


Based on the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism, held an All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Computer Sports: Problems and Development Prospects". For 10 hours, the participants in an online format discussed the pressing problems of the development of this sport from a practical and fundamental, theoretical point of view.

For example, a project was presented for the implementation of video analysis of athletes' performances by artificial intelligence in order to improve the quality of sports training in classical sports. The interaction of ordinary sports with e-sports was also discussed to improve the results of training athletes in both areas. End of the conference, a resolution was formed, which will be submitted to the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation.

 By the report of the President of the Electronic Sports Federation of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the head of the e-sports sector of our university Svyatoslav Pegov opened the conference. The topic of his speech is "Cybersport as a tool for harmonizing interethnic relations."

“Now there are very rapid and large-scale shifts of whole social and technological paradigms,” says Svyatoslav. - For our country, the issue of preserving interethnic harmony, especially in such times, is the strategy; therefore, the area of harmonizing interethnic relations should keep pace with the time and technologies by using new high-tech tools.

In my research, I used four different techniques. First, I analyzed the domestic and international e-Sports industry. Second, I reviewed a number of scientific papers on the benefits of national diversity for improving economic performance. Thirdly, I conducted a survey among university students on the impact of gaming and e-sports on the socialization of students of different nationalities and cultures. Finally, I conducted an interview with the deputy director of the St. Petersburg House of Nationalities.

Research results have shown a positive impact of national diversity on cyber-sport results, on the one hand, and on improving the quality of socialization of young people of different nationalities, on the other. Thus, we once again came to the conclusion that e-Sports is not just a competition in the virtual space, but a powerful practical, social and scientific tool. The main thing is to learn how to use it. "


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