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Drones in the focus of attention at USATU


The list of winners of the UMNIK program includes students of the Faculty of Aircraft Engines, Energy and Transport. Their developments will receive funding from the Innovation Promotion Fund in the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

Third-year student Kirill Ivanov, who won the competition in the "Umnik-Aeronet", comments:

“Our project involves the creation of an aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicle with vertical takeoff and landing to solve the problems of monitoring the underlying surface. After analyzing the UAV market, it was revealed that the most popular aircraft-type drones in Russia require the use of additional equipment and a large area to take off, and the flight of quad copters is rather short, so we had the idea to combine the advantages of an airplane and a quad copter in one drone.

With the grant money, we plan to develop our own flight controller, as well as set up the production of our drones.”

With the development of drones, the problem of creating highly efficient energy sources is becoming acute. Fourth year student Vladislav Eremenko (Umnik-Technet) says:

“The idea is to develop a hybrid power plant for unmanned aerial vehicles. The power plant, which includes an ultra-micro gas turbine engine and a generator, can be used for UAVs used in the oil and gas and energy industries for cargo transportation, monitoring, geo-prospecting, and in the agro-industrial sector for video monitoring. At the same time, such a power plant can be used as an autonomous energy source in robotic systems, distributed energy for compact and mobile energy sources, etc. Thanks to the use of the original layout and structural power scheme, it is possible to significantly increase the specific characteristics of the engine, as well as increase the duration of the flight and the mass of the payload of the drone.

In addition, although we (a team of students and teachers) have set ourselves a very difficult task, I am sure that we will be able to solve it. And in the near future, this will allow us to enter the small market for such power plants.”


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