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Digital Communications hall was opened at USATU


Such a beautiful and modern name today was given to the conference hall of the second academic building after reconstruction, which was carried out with the financial support of Gazprombank, our kind and reliable partner.

 “Our tandem is creative,” said Rosa Urazgildeyeva, manager of the Gazprombank branch in Ufa. Today we are opening the third joint site, and I am glad that such beautiful and comfortable spaces are the fruits of our cooperation. The university always has a lot of interesting, creative ideas, and our task is to support them by providing our financial leverage. We are proud of our partnership with USATU, and I want to thank the entire staff of the university, headed by the rector, for their cooperation.”

“We like working with Gazprombank, making friends and developing together. It is extremely important for us that it is always “facing the client”, i.e. to us. The University is very prudent about charitable funds, so all of them are used to create a comfortable environment for employees and students of the university,” Rector Sergey Novikov emphasized.

As a sign of further effective interaction and implementation of new projects, Sergey Novikov and Roza Urazgildeeva put their signatures on the honorary record of the Digital Communications Hall, which reads: “On Cosmonautics Day, April 12, 2022, in honor of the 90th anniversary of USATU. Digitalization is the need to change stereotypes of thinking, working methods and management.”

Further, the head of the bank suggested awarding traditional Gazprombank nominal scholarships to students of IT specialties this year. In turn, the rector of the university asked the bank to join a charity event to help the shelter for homeless animals and received approval and support.

It should be noted that the transformations in the Hall of Digital Communications affected both the external design and the internal. Now the site is divided into two zones: behind the sliding doors there is a control panel and an IT specialist’s workplace, and in the main space there is an oval table with comfortable chairs and several large TV screens, which are convenient for broadcasting content. The hall is universal - here you can hold offline meetings, video conferences with colleagues and guests, defend theses and present scientific developments.



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