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Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Petr Kucherenko visited USATU


Today, State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Petr Kucherenko met with members of the Academic Council of the USATU in the hall named after V.M. Parashchenko.

A lively conversation took place on the topical problems of the development of higher education in the republic in the light of modern realities. The Deputy Minister congratulated the staff of USATU on the upcoming 90th anniversary, noting that the university is modern, with creative public spaces that meet the spirit of the times.

Further, Petr Alexandrovich spoke about the difficulties that Russian higher education will face under the sanctions. Nevertheless, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia and regional authorities will continue to work on all the projects that have been started in the field of higher education.

On the agenda is the issue of merging two republican universities into one flagship regional university. The management, the teaching staff of the USATU, voiced topical questions and real proposals.

Rector Sergey Novikov spoke about the support measures provided by the university to young scientists and the need to increase postgraduate positions for promising talented young people.

- This is the future of science, which will generate breakthrough ideas and create something new for the domestic economy and the country.

Head of the EM department Vyacheslav Vavilov spoke about the innovative projects that are being carried out at the Research Institute "Electrotechnical complexes and systems", emphasizing that even a short break in the work of the institute will negatively affect all developments.

Professor Flyur Ismagilov also expressed the opinion that in modern realities it is necessary to study the issue of the expediency of merging the two leading universities of the republic more carefully.

The members of the Academic Council raised questions about funding, admission to a specialist, updating the instrument base, etc. In general, the dialogue turned out to be very constructive. Deputy Minister Petr Kucherenko promised to inform the leadership of the department about the content of the conversation and the proposals of the USATU representatives.

Rector Sergey Novikov assured that in such a difficult time for the country, the university will continue to fulfill all its obligations, move on and make a worthy contribution to the development of domestic aircraft manufacturing and import-substituting technologies.

The leadership and staff of the university fully shares the political course of the President of the country. Therefore, Sergei Novikov told Petr Kucherenko that the USATU has a decision to accept students from the DPR and LPR and children of military personnel whose parents perform military duty during a special operation on the territory of Ukraine to study at the university’s own expense.


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