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Delegation of Sumgayit State University visited the university


Representatives of Azerbaijan visited USATU. The delegation includes Vice-Rector for International Relations Gafar Atayev, Vice-Rector for General Affairs Asad Mammadov, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology Mahal Muradov, Head of the Department of Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering Akper Agayev.

The visit of the guests began with acquaintance and presentation of educational institutions. Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Alexei Elizariev welcomed colleagues:

- We are glad to see Azerbaijan in the ranks of friendly, partner countries of our university. Moreover, five students from your country are currently studying at USATU. We have been cooperating with you in the field of information technology for the fifth year already. Our scientists twice participated in scientific conferences organized by SSU and visited your university.

To date, an agreement has not yet been signed between our universities, but we are ready to cooperate.

We are interested in student and teacher exchange programs, joint research and scientific cooperation. We believe that the double degree program will be very interesting and attractive for both Russian and Azerbaijani students.

Then Vice-Rector for International Relations Gafar Atayev spoke:

- When we heard about your university, we thought that an aviation university was incompatible with our classical one. However, it turned out that we have a lot of common interests, in particular, in the field of IT technology and chemistry. Therefore, we thank you for the invitation to visit your university and look forward to cooperation.

A dialogue was held between representatives of universities on the interaction between the two universities, goals and forms of partnership in the educational and research fields were outlined, and professional contacts were established.

 Further, the Azerbaijani colleagues made an introductory tour of USATU - they visited the laboratories of aircraft engine designs and Veeam, met with participants of the student design bureaus "Power Machines" and "Formula Student".

In parting, the guests and hosts exchanged gifts and souvenirs.

The next stage of interaction will be the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the universities by the rectors of USATU and SSU, which will significantly improve the quality of joint activities, expand cooperation in the scientific and technical direction and work on training specialists.



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