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Delegation of the Bashkir Generating Company visited USATU


The visit began with an introductory tour, which was held for the guests by Vice-Rector for Innovation Georgy Ageev. A large delegation of BGC LLC, consisting of 17 people, headed by the chief engineer, USATU graduate Dmitry Novikov, visited the laboratories and innovation centers of the university. The route was built in such a way that the representatives of the company could get acquainted with the specialized equipment and communicate with interested specialists.

Further, held a technical meeting of university scientists with representatives of the BGC. The purpose of which was to determine new areas of joint work. Heads of faculties and departments spoke about the scientific competencies of USATU in the field of mechanical engineering and materials science technologies, electromechanical power converters, gas turbine power plants, gas piston power plants, information technology, telecommunication systems, as well as the most significant projects implemented by our scientists and researchers in the real sector of the economy. The guests listened to each speaker with great interest, asked questions and offered to specify the information during personal meetings.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to draw up a protocol on the agreements adopted and thanked each other for long-standing friendship and fruitful cooperation.

It should be noted that Bashkir Generating Company LLC is one of the largest regional energy companies in Russia, which is part of the Inter RAO Group.

The main activity is the generation of electrical and thermal energy at power plants. The company unites 20 large and small energy facilities located throughout the territory of Bashkortostan and providing energy resources to residents and enterprises of the republic.

Most of the world's existing types of electricity generation are present in the company in Bashkiria - 1 state district power station, 11 thermal power plants and thermal power plants, 1 wind farm (wind power plant), 7 hydroelectric power plants (including 5 small and micro hydroelectric power plants).

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