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On the BST (Bashkir Satellite Television) channel, under the heading “Special Report”, there was a story about how to protect yourself and your personal data, not to fall into the virtual hands of cyber fraudsters.

Representatives of USATU - FIR student Sergei Kukharev and associate professor of the Department of Computer Science and Information Security Alexei Vulfin attended the program “How not to become a victim of a hacker: a cyber-security guide”

Sergey Kukharev:

“In order to protect someone, you need to understand how the attack takes place. We try to delve into all the trends, but we do not position ourselves as hackers. We position ourselves as defenders who oppose hackers. "

Alexey Vulfin:

“It is necessary to understand and trace what actions the hacker performed. Usually you cannot catch it right away. The people should identify potential actions of intruders based on the signs of subsequent attacks. "

Sergey Kukharev:

“We are taught to determine the activity that gets out of the general flow of the event. When we study attacks, we analyze their characteristic traces. Cybercriminals also have their own style. "

Are you interested?  Watch the special report on YouTube:


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