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On April 12, 2022, teachers of the Department of Philosophy and History (HOD -  A.B. Stol), together with first-year students of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, took part in the educational quiz "CosmoQuiz", dedicated to the Day of Cosmonautics.

The event was held for students of Russian universities at the site of the historical park "Russia - my history". The students had to answer questions about the main stages of space exploration, show how this topic was reflected in popular culture (films, books, computer games, etc.).

Our first-year students coped well with the tasks and enjoyed talking with their peers from the universities of Ufa and Orenburg. As part of this project, our children had the opportunity to tour the exposition "History of Russia of the XX century."

Students and teachers of USATU are grateful to the leadership of the historical park and its supervisor - Doctor of History. Sciences, Professor Khaziev R.A. for organizing such an interesting event and cooperation with our university.

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