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Congratulations to the USATU English experts!


The results of the All-Russian dictation in English, which took place at our university on December 7, 2021, have been summed up.

The initiator of this large-scale event - Kazan Federal University (KFU); organizer of the dictation at the USATU - Department of Language Communication and Psycholinguistics (Head of department - Professor Tatyana Rogozhnikova).

This year, about 27,000 participants from more than 600 educational organizations from 76 regions of Russia and 8 countries of the world have joined the action. At USATU, over one hundred and twenty students and postgraduates have become participants in the All-Russian dictation in English. They put their listening and spelling skills to the test using the authentic text "Language conflict in Quebec".

The winners are:

  • Marina Nasyrova (2nd year postgraduate student)
  • Danila Partilov (2 course, FIRT)

The award winners:

  • Andrey Rashidov (branch in Kumertau),
  • Roman Mustaev (undergraduate, IATM)
  • Julia Nuritdinova (2 course, FIRT)
  • Vladimir Spele (1st year postgraduate student)

Congratulations to the winners and awardees, we express our gratitude to everyone who took part in the All-Russian dictation.

Participation certificates and letters of appreciation to the organizers will be awarded in January 2022.


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