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Classes are actively underway in the grant laboratory of the USATU Green Project


The USATU Green Project team continues to create a laboratory for research on landscape restoration methods after oil pollution. In August, our eco-activists won 115 thousand rubles for the implementation of a scientific project at the iVolga Youth Forum.

Recently, part of the laboratory work for fourth-year students of the Faculty of Emergency Protection in the direction "Technospheric Safety" was held, where the students learned how to work with sorbents and studied the principle of operation of a bioplato - an installation that purifies water from pollution with the help of plants. With grant funds, students have developed a facility that helps to study methods of oil spill response in the laboratory, and purchased the necessary materials.

Classes are conducted by the mentor of the scientific project, candidate of geographical sciences, associate professor of the department of production safety and industrial ecology Elvira Nafikova.

Laboratory work has already been introduced into the curriculum of the 4th course in the discipline "Monitoring the state of the environment", which means that now all environmental students will be able to gain valuable experience in studying such an important topic and working on a real installation.

The project is being implemented with grant support from the Foundation for Assistance to the Development of Civil Society Institutions in the Volga Federal District within the framework of the grant program of the Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District "iVolga".



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