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Championship in Aircraft Modeling for the UGATU Cup


The capital of Bashkortostan hosted the championship of the republic in aircraft modeling sports in the class of F-2D models (air combat). The participants competed for the Cup of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University.

The official part consisted of registration of participants, line-up, and speeches by the organizers. The judges were introduced and the rules of the competition were announced.

Athletes from Ufa, Sterlitamak and Salavat took part in the championship. The winner was the crew of Artur Maksyutov and Konstantin Silchenko (Sterlitamak), Timofei Shakhmaev, Maxim Nasibullin (TsDTT Sterlitamak) won 2nd place, the crew of Timur Goryushin, and Maxim Puchinkin (TsDTT Sterlitamak) took the third place.

One of the most interesting, according to the audience and judges, was the fight between Timur Goryushin and Fedor Gusev. In this duel, the rivals met on models with diesel and incandescent engines and, as expected, at different speeds. But thanks to the mechanic Maxim Puchinkin, the diesel engine was perfectly adjusted, and Timur's counterpart had a minimal advantage. Well, Timur directly "driven" the opponent. In addition, even having received the usual wound for the participant - a cut of the middle finger of the right hand, he continued the competition. Well done!


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