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#BoomBattle at USATU: the results of the collection of waste paper among students


USATU collected and handed over 4370 kg of waste paper and thus saved 60 trees.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the Department of Youth Policy, the Department of Physical Education and the USATU Green Project team, books, term papers and diplomas will receive a second life and be reborn into cardboard boxes and egg trays.

The winners of the competition for the collection of waste paper among students are:

1st place: 15, 725 kg Yulia Platonova (IEM)

2nd place: 10, 024 kg Elmira Abdrakhmanova (IATM)

3rd place: 8, 045 kg Sergey Dudorov (FCDEM)

4th place: 6, 072 kg Denis Shayapov (FCDEM)

5th place: 5, 800 kg Ilnaz Mannanov (AEEIT)

6th place: 5, 375 kg Arseniy Dikushin (FCDEM).

All these guys will receive prizes: a shopper with an original inscription, a badge, a notepad, a pen. By the way, all gifts are made from recycled materials, safe and environmentally friendly.

Eco-activists express their gratitude to all the participants, as well as to the organizers - USATU, the ULEJ Public Center and SDEK.

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