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On December 13, at 20.00, an online meeting with Elias F. Combarro, the author of the CERN course on the basics of quantum computing, will take place.

Elias F. Combarro is a CERN openlab collaboration partner, Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oviedo (Spain), author of 50+ scientific papers related to computer calculations and machine learning problems.

At the meeting, you will learn how quantum computers ("hardware") work, in which areas they will be applied, what is quantum superiority, what software exists, what achievements are already there and what are the prospects.

The focus is on the basics of quantum computing: to give an idea of ​​the technology and an understanding of how to master it.

The meeting is useful for students and entrepreneurs who want to be at the forefront of progress and understand what specialties and products will be in demand in the near future.

Date, time and place: December 13 at 20:00 via Zoom.

For students from partner universities, access to the meeting is free. Get one of five free tickets using the QUANTUMRUSSOL promo code on the page: http://leenk.ee/quantum_meeting

P.S. We invite volunteers to participate in RUSSOL projects to translate lectures and materials about future technologies, including quantum computing: http://leenk.ee/volunteers


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