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Andrei Sharonov: every day I play the piano and run


Today, a significant event took place at the university - a lecture-conversation "Personal Transformation and Leadership". It was held by our outstanding graduate, public official and public figure, well-known Russian economist, head of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, now the General Director of the National ESG Alliance Andrey Vladimirovich Sharonov.

For several generations of aviation workers, he is a truly legendary person. Now many people work at the university who know and remember the secretary of the Komsomol committee, the people's deputy of the USSR, the chairman of the Russian Committee for Youth Affairs, the deputy minister of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation, the deputy mayor of Moscow Andrei Sharonov.

Today, the young generation of USATU also had the opportunity to meet with Andrey Vladimirovich Sharonov, listen to his practical lecture and, of course, ask questions.

Introducing the guest, Sergey Novikov, rector of the USATU, noted that Andrei Vladimirovich is well known and appreciated in the city and the republic as a high-level professional in many areas of activity.

Andrey Sharonov told the students that he first crossed the threshold of the university in the 9th grade, attending additional classes, graduated from the Ufa Aviation Institute in 1986 (by the way, he was the owner of the Lenin Scholarship (the most prestigious and highest in the USSR). Then he began to engage in scientific research at the department aviation instrumentation of the university.

Today, Andrey Vladimirovich has tremendous experience in the managerial, political, economic and financial fields, and a student at the University of Milan.

Hearing the opinion, rules and advice of a person who has achieved success in many respects due to his business qualities was interesting for everyone: students, teachers and employees.

The lecture was built in an "open format", that is, each participant could express their point of view, their vision of the problem and ask a question.

What is personal transformation, what is education for, what does the hierarchy of knowledge and skills look like, is it good or bad to be a leader, what is the new model of skills, how to teach yourself to be able or to do?

Many, after talking with Andrei Vladimirovich, looked at the usual concepts and established points of view from the other side. The topics of conversation were vital and “adults” joined the dialogue: the rector, teachers and staff.

- It is precisely such motivational lectures that modern students lack, - Sergey Novikov noted.

Lecture time was long over, but the students continued to ask questions.

- What personally motivates you in life saves you from burnout and helps you always move forward?

- Every day I play the piano for two or three hours, I am friends with sports, I go for running. By the way, I advise everyone - "feel the city with your feet."

Rector Sergey Novikov thanked Andrey Sharonov for the lecture and expressed his wish to hold such meetings more often.

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